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In-Ground Cremation

Many families may choose to purchase a bigger site and accommodate various loved ones-a way to remain close and to visit at the same time. Visiting is a wonderful way to feel closeness and ponder memories. The traditional benefits of ground burial are certainly accessible to those choosing cremation as an option, with sunshine and shade. Community niches are also available as a low-cost option.

Above-Ground Cremation

Above ground cremation burial features a multitude of options. There are outdoor options and indoor glass front or granite front options.

In-Ground Casket

Single, Companion, and Estate Sites Available. A traditional setting with ample room to visit and remember. Many sites are close in proximity to a road for easy accessibility or under the shade of our lush trees.

Above-Ground Casket

Single and Companion Sites Available. Protected from weather, with easy/flat walkways, this is the choice for many families Whether you or your family desires indoor or outdoor, the choices are boundless.

Celebrating Lives Well Lived in Our Chapel

Many families enjoy a gathering prior to burial. Our Chapel is a wonderful and intimate setting to honor and celebrate who we lost, to share stories, laughs, tears, condolences, and offers of help. In fact, gatherings at a time of loss are commonly the first step towards the journey of healing.

Contact our staff to learn more about reserving our Chapel for a gathering at this time of loss, or an anniversary or special celebration.