Floral / Grounds Policy

  • Fresh cut flowers are welcomed and encouraged to be placed on graves all year round. Once the blooms are spent and/or on regular mowing days, they will be removed.
  • Artificial flowers and decorations may be placed on graves for any type of holiday including Christmas & Chanukah, New Years, Birthdays, Mother’s & Father’s Day, Veterans Day, etc. Due to ground maintenance requirements and cemetery operations, placement should not be considered permanent. All items will be picked up and disposed of immediately on regular mowing days to facilitate grounds maintenance. Our holiday mowing schedule will be posted and some holiday’s will alter the mowing schedule.
  • Permanent plantings of any kind are not permitted on graves. Potted plants are allowed but will be removed just like all other decorations.
  • Christmas wreaths/trees, potted plants and floral grave blankets are permitted on graves.
  • Any item that violates the intent of the floral regulations, compromises the dignity of the cemetery, or is a threat to safety will be removed.
  • No item or object may be attached to the headstone, marker or niche cover. Headstones may not be altered or marked by paint, marker, lipstick or any other means and is considered vandalism. Photos may not be taped to Niches/Crypts or headstones.
  • Fresh flowers in a Mausoleum will be removed when they are spent, artificial flowers and decorations will only be removed if they are old and/or dirty in appearance.

Pacific Crest Cemetery assumes no responsibility for items left on gravesites. Due to the open nature of the grounds, we cannot guarantee against theft, vandalism or the effects of nature.